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Grafh - She Nasty Lyrics and Video



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'She Nasty' Lyrics - Grafh
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Here is She Nasty Lyrics by Grafh @

Ladies holla back
Ladies holla back
I make the ladies holla back
I make the ladies holla back
All the ladies..
I make the ladies holla back
Lady holla back
Lady holla back

I bet you ladies..on the show girl
And i would rather do it nasty
Let’s holla nasty
That’s holla up nasty

..next to your ear
Daddy got the end up she nasty
Let’s holla though
She nasty that’s .. Nasty
Next to your ear
Daddy got the end up she nasty

I whip that body up
..and i pick that ass up
Poe ain’t with i strip that ass up
Start with the ass up
I ain’t got no prada with the nigga nigga
I stand in the crazy..
Now you got a man i ain’t tryin live with..
Face to your chest nigga know you ..
Are you grabbing on my..
One finger your friend look at me
I didn’t tell you call bring her
.. But you came
Amazed how i hooked your bro one finger
Your friend looking at me i didn’t tell you come bring her
But you ball me all to yourself
I gotta find the camera
Strip on me babe with my pride to dance up
I’m the commander you got a lot of questions
Be the ..to my ants to friend the answers
I tend you then i ..ain’t cool
I hope you can breathe while i stand you
..don’t you nasty


I got your legs n my mama after show
You got a .. I got your legs
..grab your wings then i rgab your face
I pull the half way out
..the way you scream you mae look tragic and it look better
I ain’t looking the weather i got my face in it
..push em together
And i talk shit smack it
Attack it ..like a magnet


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Grafh - She Nasty

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