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Hodgy - Rella Lyrics and Video (Ft. Domo Genesis & Tyler The Creator)

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'Rella' Lyrics - Hodgy (Ft. Domo Genesis & Tyler The Creator)
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Here is Rella Lyrics by Hodgy Ft. Domo Genesis & Tyler The Creator @

i fuck this flow!
this is my electronic...
i holler some fresh shit
nigger recollect, bitch...
i text message, messages to fuck...
she lets me in, i sex her then
she ... than my leather... and purchasing...
to work the street, i ...
i heard she's sweet, i heard she's sweet
but me, i'm extravagant!
how ... wagging, kid?
i'm about to tell you some tragic shit
your love is lost and the drugs ain't count,
and the studio makes...
..vision my ... like you vision my...
nigger, my dick is in her jaw.
i'm... don't ... with that apple cause ...
fuck the.. king of the castle, nigger
got this ...
making money in the present, and it's safe for my...

suicide watch nigger, kill yourself,
i .. nigger, we feel yourself
...nigger, you're still yourself
..creeping in this bitch, you couldn't feel ...
...at his fucking best
i'm a beats like a gorilla, and that is on my chest
please, let me flex, i'm going on, i need some fucking bred
drugs is green, my bitch is white, and tonight i need fucking...
excuse this .. i'm trying to tone it down like...
..and i guess we're looking like the living dead
oh shit, your bitch, looking how i'm doing you
bitches on my dick, well look at me, i'm fucking beautiful!
niggers trying to figure while all i hear in my interviews
is why is this so cool, you niggers is so unusual.
wolf gang, point me to a nigger i should...
under pressure we just stay in the middle like ...

the fortress is fortified, bitch!
money in my pockets like i'm fortified
...recording live, bitch i'll be shining high
and i don't need air to fly, i'm in the air with the pigs...
knock, knock, who's there?
it's me, your girlfriend had a really nice meeting with my dick
i killed that pussy and grabbed that knife
now i got... nigger you're a liar!
nigger, don't believe me, kiss your lady
and where you gonna get...
nigger, my dick stay way disease
i'll make you look easy, fifty one, fifty i'm often easy!
you ain't got no fucking easy!

five hours and a hundred songs and you ain't got no fucking easy
i bet you guys....
you ain't got no fucking easy?
came in the game like speedy gonzales
i'm fucking... see these girls talking all that shit
what? i'm just trying to see some tits
let's get a popping light, mc light
i brought some ..
out this bitch like hocus pocus
me and lucas gotta...

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Hodgy - Rella

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