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Serius Jones - Chain Schemin Lyrics and Video



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'Chain Schemin' Lyrics - Serius Jones
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Here is Chain Schemin Lyrics by Serius Jones @

chain schemin, your shit don’t look good on me
we roll, we roll
chain schemin..is so endin straight
I’m the marble on this niggas
right, damn right the niggas still spit

ah ’cause when I do it it just feels different
it pinchin hold me to only hood rimes
like I play one ..like I’m ball..freestyle abilities
is killing me..spit down ’cause police won’t G down feelin me
knockin at my door tryin to beat out the facility
felonies got to get me my ..
less and I’m showin the park ruin
my knees got wickened than your
for more than .. with some .. I slip on stage
that’s a big ..on the top 2
tell all your ..what happened to em
never was a..just to rap for free
I had a grief from the..was for me
selling the game came in the maculate ..
bitches believing me and stay ..
been on the end of state and ..the rhythm moly
and then the nature state was intimidate
the ..spread on the ..tryin to get niggas scared to ..
and bout to ..not really givin this
..I got a proof wait just my lost
can’t this rappers bet your ..
like a blog in my ..
shout out to forty..and my ..
come to the side do it ..in the back
I’ve been feeling bad
this is ..appointment, next time my ..coming
and I’ma join em cause
I’m out with my niggas though
I’m marb with my niggas
I’m ready to roll when them niggas roll


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Serius Jones - Chain Schemin

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