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Tolly - Unique Lyrics and Video



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'Unique' Lyrics - Tolly
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Here is Unique Lyrics by Tolly @

Swag, shinning and grinding, know I'm never lying
I come from the hood making prepaid assignment
Major fuck haters, my true religion blazing
Ask around my...man I'm all about my pay, pay, paper
It ain't bout shit my nigga if it don't make no profit
If it don't make no benj's then that's not a good plan man, ok
I'm always chasing money man, I'm all about my grind

This is number 3 so I gotta go in
You ain't never started nothing so you never gonna begin
I'm on my money marathon, smoking weed and sipping gin
Popping ... don't ...me, I'm bout to blow, tnt

Say she dtf, more sex fuck stress
More or less my niggas next
But she said Tolly's the best
I don't want that thing no more
So for now just give me next
Riding round in the benz, me and her and some friends, bitch!
We hit it to the tellie it's about to go down
Her friend ain't tryina fuck so she gotta leave now
I'm not rude just wanna party, we ain't sipping...Bacardi
We got lean, we got skittles and we smoked up by a Marley
Sorry lady, some bitches think I'm crazy
My ex got regrets cause she didn't keep the baby
Stupid bitch,
I live my life lazy, cause everything I do I'm like, fuck you, pay me.

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Tolly - Unique

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