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I-20 - The Definition Lyrics and Video (Ft. Ludacris & Nathaniel)

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'The Definition' Lyrics - I-20 (Ft. Ludacris & Nathaniel)
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Here is The Definition Lyrics by I-20 Ft. Ludacris & Nathaniel @

my life is a movie baby this is just a..
four or five bottle that is several..
you blow time peace I got the Gucci plays on
20..I give my..late call
not to wait Porsche school ridin with the tears down
they wonder from gettin paid
to see they could..now
I just want to change now tell em that the..
..yeah we call it brain near
head it to the clear port baby that's a..
this is the twelve..then I had the gas for
I had to..kiss em out in time square
rap shit is my house
we had the time zone
they aint' even searching us
staps on the passport we would..
everybody ..the gay have this niggas frontin now
nigga this my every day we in the..now

.. a little movie
so you can seat back and watch out what do me
my life is doing night and the..
I'm here to stay, here to wait gangsta in the new man
I'm the definition of huuh
I said I'm the definition of
man I'm the definition of cool

late night..fast
women on the swimming pool sucking on..
masters like ain't finished school
congratulations I made it from the pimp game
the industry is shady like this Louie V..
But I'm focused my life is in slow moving rich since I dtp logo
put it on my own
tea it up the.. mummify
call it quicks boy i have your bitch
she want the business things ain't been the same
what a discovery got the whole town loving me
but you can trust


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I-20 - The Definition

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