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Kingpen Slim - Frienemies Lyrics and Video



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'Frienemies' Lyrics - Kingpen Slim
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Here is Frienemies Lyrics by Kingpen Slim @

Bright light is dark city

I trade one for every..fans
And they broke my heart i pretend man
..shooters in my city going dumb me and..
Got me going up what can they do to me
Strip me to everything nudity
..niggas tryin bury my dignity
I’m talking out the baby mama they digging me
Whole lot of niggas call me..
Say i turn em all if i ain’t see the..
We all kept choices we ..
But what’s the use of shine in behind clothes
We don’t even hang close line
What you know all change you time time
This i gotta do it one more time
Showing up to the show down
Is show time

And is show time
That means is your time

Keep my friends close and i’m easy to closer
See em in the paper to see me on the poster
You say you wished me real
They really wish be hale
I would tell em kiss my ass
Nigag kissing tale
Never left my left hand on with the right stone
If that’s your only chance your chance might ruin
Keep my friends close and i’m easy to closer
Rather see me in the paper see me on the pope

All say i’m .. All say i’m elegant
Everybody in the room
No more people can relate to be irrelevant
Or the love quiet..them haters you’ve been yelling yet
Ain’t nobody bind to my dream but i’m selling it
Niggas talking shit bout me now i’m smelling it
Out of towns all selling it
..summer jam selling it
Nigga sayin f*ck you slim, i’m selling it
Shitting on this nigga like a ..f*ck the ..
Yeah i’m..swag but my ego..
Two time fellow i’m a..
Told me be careful what i ask for
I got some what i ask for
More dust, more breathe a..crash cold
..hit the ..wow ..fast ford

Gotta hit the ..fast ford


..they eatin
I’m just tryin ..come there i cook up you
So i took up too
..up too
Looking for a plug and i hook up too

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Kingpen Slim - Frienemies

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