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Sir Michael Rocks - Out The Jam Lyrics and Video



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'Out The Jam' Lyrics - Sir Michael Rocks
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Here is Out The Jam Lyrics by Sir Michael Rocks @

I’ma smoke weed after this tape
I’m just taking in your hot


My nigga i’m ..west race
My nigga i’m west coast paid
My nigga got this west codes
My niggas got south south waste
As long as i come my friends
As longs i got my fan
And i know the time gets hard
Thye gonna get me about that jam

2 x
Got me out of that jam
Got me out of that jam
Got me out of that jam
Got me out of that jam

I remember when play back down like eminem
You my nigga man that you pull that trigger man
And i’m looking good and i make palm
And i make cope i drink slow
Smoke slow
Hopefully i make it dough and don’t go..
This ..rich if i think so i know so
..these niggas is so so
Is kind of funny making money
Would you ..high friends
The world is yours the pocket full of white..
We strike hard ’cause some people is..hard
Just to happen up the porsche just to happen at the ..
A lot of all nigga you’re making work
Just can’t let it go

..rocking right put it on your size
Outside that’s cold turn the corner
Now we home now we..call my phone
When inside bring the light
We manage understand i’m making champion..
…i’m titanic in this aisberg
My ..let me shoot my shot
.. In my step out
..when we first dot


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Sir Michael Rocks - Out The Jam

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