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Mia Rey - Makin Love Lyrics and Video (Ft. Yung Berg)

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'Makin Love' Lyrics - Mia Rey (Ft. Yung Berg)
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Here is Makin Love Lyrics by Mia Rey Ft. Yung Berg @

Hi, I'm fine baby
life style, music love,
I'ma take you where you before
'cause when the sun starts rising
baby we just begun
so I'ma let the music play tell em ..
if I can't ..go on
we can't go wrong
it feel temperature rising
I know I'm not the only one

Pre Chorus:
I must admit boy I got my eyes on you
since I made a move shawty what you gonna do
'cause he kind of pass I can wait too
everybody know that I'm perfect for you
I'm singin be the only one one
say you'll be the one one
baby since you need me in your life
it downs't matter I'm gonna give all to me

shawty this ain't no talk shit
is that secretary bullshit
and I do it in the office
I.. I feel like makin love,
yeah makin love, feel like makin love
I feel like makin love

yeah you want it girl I said I want it too
I said I'm workign in the stu she said I'm waiting in your room
Now I'm walking in the..
smell my favorite perfume
shawty straight the..you know I wait the round 2, round 3
damn girl now you all on top fo me
said that this p**sy's mine
now I got the lock and got the key
so I smell here she laugh girl you know I can't believe that
I know I'm not the only one

[Pre Chorus:]

say you'll be only one I want
say you'll be the only one I need
ever since you meet me in your life
now I'm gonna give you all of me


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Mia Rey - Makin Love

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