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Price - Millions Lyrics and Video



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'Millions' Lyrics - Price
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Here is Millions Lyrics by Price @

what we do?
chase the buildings
I got them boys
chase the real benz
baby girl you gotta chase the real benz

I'm picking the snatches persons
from all ladies and churches
we sellin everything what you want I make the..
man I hurry knock you out like a share..
and don't from your mind and sipping the mik flory
I got hela haters you stay close to me like my neighbors hope they die
they crucify the..the elevator man I'm chasing paper
got no time catch me later,
we busy f*cking hoes they said they would never date us
I'm just end up one I'm f*ck when I hit that's the frama
I f*ck with the cycle I'm reckin I'm..
my mind like waxin I'm waving
I can't explain me and uh uh.damn forgot the name
I'm back again gettin dome..like my..
flyer than the one you hire to operate any plan

I'm sayin the cold forty below, go shawty go
f*ck the phony business, f*ck the phony bitches
we don't f*ck with that
and what if you f*ck you at
..I know you f*ck with that
I know you f*ck with that
chase the millions then your bills..
like the girls ..me truth..
chase the little game.. like the girls drop the ..

noh if I can't get you I'm on tacky kids
tied em up with dock taking flow off the bridge
shot gun no cup one and shoot up where you live
in case you live
it's when your ex to the crap..is f*cking face up
but it's ugly the fat it is
f*ck em..and pop shot
we in..trash establish man
..enough to stick my dick and the bitch
so..she could feel it in her..
I'll catch her.. and her stripper but innocence
I've been the threat
never since the..
I don't give a f*ck man I'm ridin round the dope
with the system switch with us
..get up gotta get my ..up
but any weather for the try to....


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