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Azad Right - It's All Right Lyrics and Video



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'It's All Right' Lyrics - Azad Right
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Here is It's All Right Lyrics by Azad Right @

This song is dedicated to the people that was hating when I started
Now I made it, but I hope you keep saying that I'm garbage
Please, jump on the bandwagon
You slept on me, but I got some comfy bunks on my bandwagon

These execs got plans
Tryna take advantage of your mans
But they only looking at my fans in the untapped market
They think the middle east is like one fat target

I'll break outta any box you try and lock me in
Azad Right, there's not an artist that can copy him
We just started pimp, let me lay the ground work
And give me 2 years, you gon' find me where the top begins

You prolly thinkin', wait, I don't know you
But you seem mad humble, you're as cool as can be
Nah, bitch I'm the best since I don't know who
Cause ion't know anybody that can do it like me

And I mean that with the upmost respect
I'm original as fuck and I come correct
On like every single record, so cut the check
Give me what I deserve, give me what I have earned

Uh, what else I gotta do to prove to you I'm iLL as shit
Either you haven't heard me or you're just illiterate
Saying I can't rap, is so illegitimate
Put the drink down, you sound mad beligerant

Shit, I'm gettin' as high as ever
Me and my French broad gon' ride together
Eatin' edamame with my sushi, then I'm gonna make that pussy tsunami like the movie 20 12

And she know she ain't my girlfriend
I'm just tryn get a lotta head 'fore the world ends
Uh, I haven't been this happy in a long time
Shit is going good, shit is alright

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Azad Right - It

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