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John Boy - B.I.L.L.S. Lyrics and Video (Ft. Stevie Johnson)

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'B.I.L.L.S.' Lyrics - John Boy (Ft. Stevie Johnson)
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Here is B.I.L.L.S. Lyrics by John Boy Ft. Stevie Johnson @

I'm balling in the league bills I'm lovin spending bills
I'm balling in the league bills I'm lovin spending bills
I'm balling in the league bills I'm lovin spending bills
you know I'm getting bills, you know I'm bout my..
bill bills bills bills x 4

I'm balling in the league yeah but I don't play shit
walk ti right up int he club
and I don't pay shit
they don't pat me down whenever
now they don't say shit 'cause they know I get
bill bills bills bills
hoes on my dick, why?
cause they see the bills
Stevie with me in this bitch yeah I'm with the..
I told you girl I'm on the cut
so she knew the deal
then I pop her like a bill

for that kid I see you long hair on ..
send on my yeah that's my chip you want it playin
that's my lean
so fall back on me you ca touch this
no, I'm truly ..to quit with this ..
I hold it down in the game I held no mine
I'm a star you're just begging for some camera time
this ..ballin ball you don't give a f*ck
that I never give a f*ck and I still don't give a f*ck


Hey nigga I'm balling bout my bills I'm on my bills
I'm on my bufalo, I'm on my GO, be on my greezies like is livin though
cally where I master shaver I'm not talkin though I bro bro
givin the three step then I cash the ..
these women let em catch it through I catch the ..
I zip I'm ..I'm gone ..but they not catch it home
serving on this bill but I am not your f*ckin boy
I'm beating on this ..but I am not your every diamond boy
Stevie in the ..it was my VIP to ..em boy
yeah what up, what's up, shut up, shut up
it's only good to ..its base base what up
I was on my grind get money money on my mind
I'm on, I'm on I'm on my time I still in that work
I was on my .. and then gonna stop it
from the bottom to the top my ..
I was on my grind, I was on my grind
I was Stevie ..


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John Boy - B.I.L.L.S.

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