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Bear In Heaven - Sinful Nature Lyrics and Video



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'Sinful Nature' Lyrics - Bear In Heaven
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Here is Sinful Nature Lyrics by Bear In Heaven @

Friends don't know, friends don't know, what we go through
... your feet, mention the strange things they do
Surrender your will, surrender yourself ...
Are for real, or are you hiding, your self from ...
I know what it means, it's a pain ...
I know what it means, it's just a face...
Just don't go,
Out of the day, it's ...your whole universe
You let them ... you let them by...strangers
They don't speak in your face ...to your share
They all sing shitty songs and ... your ... on the
It's just a ...
Screaming your heart out, screaming you into the forest, for danger
You should have won, you need to be ... on the road
Left in your... makes unstrange things call to you
You know the deal, you don't deny it in your sinful nature
I am one with the... loose
I know where the ... it's just a phaze.

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Bear In Heaven - Sinful Nature

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