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Swurve - Propose A Toast Lyrics and Video (Ft. Curren$y)



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'Propose A Toast' Lyrics - Swurve (Ft. Curren$y)
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Here is Propose A Toast Lyrics by Swurve Ft. Curren$y @

Nigga For People Propose A Toast ...
Spit Vicious, One Of The Coldest To Do It
So Cold, I Touched The Mic, My Hand Froze To It
It's More Than Music, People I've Really Been Through It
All, Witnessed The Rise, Predicted The Fall
Seen Niggas Who Want... Had It All
Bitch Slept Over, Woke Up Late, ...
She Was Stressing About Some Investing, She Forgot It All
Back Room For The Movie Theater, Front Room For Basketball
Green House... Those Puppets In My Backyard
I'm Back On, Now These Losers Gotta Back Off
No Look At The Lottery, Mba ...for Scratch Off
That's Why I ...downloading These Tracks
To Letting Paper Stacks
Gps And ... Navigate Away From Where Them Haters At
Running Past, These Niggas So Fast, Like I'm Wearing ... Sneackers...
Bout To Come Up With My Own Luggage...put It On My Air Max
Smoking ... Trees, Feeling Love Of Hatred
You Ain't Seen Me Late Unless You Paid Me
Fuck The ... Nigga, Drive Perfect Ripping Grain
...we Just Lay Back Like ... Seats

Correct Sean, We Lay Back Like First Class Jet Seats
Speaking Of The Jets, I'm Flying With The Jets This Week
Turn The Page 48 Jet Magazine, In My Left On My...
You Be Quick From Last Week
Skip To The Right, I Got The Beauty Queen From This Week
Laid Them Both Down And I Asked Them Their Names
They Said Amber And ... They Both Have...
Pussies Only Right To Call Them Precious
Smoking ... Trees, Feeling Love Of Hatred
You Ain't Seen Me Late Unless You Paid Me
Bust That Ass Nigga Drive...
We Don't Play... We Just Lay Back Like Sway Seats
In The Maseratti, With Your Lady
Excuse My Pronunciation, I've Been Drinking
New Dudes With All The Hating Got Me Thinking
I Must Be On The Right Track, ... Motherfucker This Is My Time
Niggas ... 45,
5 Minutes From ... I Smoke Good, I Count Money
You Can't Take This From Me
Homie I'm Too Hungry, On The ... For The Paper I Ain't Trying To Make...
Waking Big After Morning I ...
Yeah, Jet Set, We Keep It 100 With Each Other, Ain't No Skeleton Secret
So For Them I'm ... Fire, Speaking
... Nigga, ...
Watching Me Like Pay Per View, All I See Is The Money
You Niggas Foneys, I Call You Rapper Jim Cause That Line's Just Dumb
But You Can Call Me ... Cause My Raps' Way Dumber...
I Got A Bitch, She Hot To Be... I Got Her Number
Fuck Her Over The Summer, She Gave Me Mc Hammer
A Stand For Head, 2 For The Bread, And ... Been The Booth
You Know I'm Bout To Kill It,
My Engineer Like Swerve, What You Doing?
I Say The Right Thing, Check My Feet
On My Toes I Got Them Spikes Man
... I Need A Drink
And When I Woke Up, My Drink Was Up
So Baby Hop Up On It, Let Me Take You Up Like Elevator
Or We Can Roll This Chris Brown, Let Me Take It Down
I Take Her To The Tellie, Bust Her Pussy Open Like Confetti
Ever On This Sucker Shit, Nah Nigga Hardly
I Keep It Cool, Puffing Grass, Party Like It's Mardi
Party, Party, Got A Bahama Mama That Kinda Favorite Rihanna
I'm Trying To Sell The Tennessee, Catch The Cool Breeze, Under Palm Trees
... That's While Your Bitches Wanna Do Me
I'm Fresher Than You New Niggas Ain't Got A Clue
Show Time At The Apollo, I Love Hoes That Swallow
Swurve, That's My Twitter, Come Follow.

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Swurve - Propose A Toast

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