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Gillie Da Kid - Blow My High Lyrics and Video (Ft. Beanie Sigel & Jai Sun)

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'Blow My High' Lyrics - Gillie Da Kid (Ft. Beanie Sigel & Jai Sun)
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Here is Blow My High Lyrics by Gillie Da Kid Ft.Beanie Sigel & Jai Sun @

Before you bring the bullshit over here
Let it just roll up… real quick
Clear my senses
you know I’ve made the best out of any situation
Please don’t come here blowing my high off

Between the weed and the liquor
and the cars, and the ice and the women
And ‘em flights to ‘em long Vegas nights.
Nigger, stay dripping with them Gucci on
Bitches in Louis Vuitton when your money… the groupies on.
Move along, I don’t need ‘em
I ain’t even bragging nigger
I didn’t…. more hoes, than you could imagine, nigger
A pull up to the traffic light to see the… money’s on my appetite
I’m in the streets chasing in
You niggers faking it, I’m trying to get…
I’ve been chasing money, homie, I’m don’t chase a bitch
But they chase…
…twenty four seven, always on my grind
So that mean that moonlight is always on my mind
Spend a pretty a penny on the shine, got a quarter mil
… I need a little time, baby girl, go!

Please girl, don’t blow my high
Let me count this paper!
All my life I knew that I’ll be major!

Yeah, you see I came from the ghetto, then I rose from the basement
To the top floor condo, a lot of champagne wasted.
Follow women, embrace them with the …
If they’re fucking good enough, if they got a chance to stay alive replace them like…
…is a distant memory
I have them crying like…
I blow plenty tree
Fifty women in my condo, a hundred pretty legs like a…
All I do is talk people… and call it Dark Vader
These niggers guessed up like a…
All my niggers in the streets doing…
At these rappers I just laugh, talking about a slap,
they ain’t never had a tap,
Lil momma, please chill!
Gotta count a hundred thousand in this all small bills, so

Please girl, don’t blow my high
Let me count this paper!
All my life I knew that I’ll be major!

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Gillie Da Kid - Blow My High

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