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Audio Push - Wassup Lyrics and Video



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'Wassup' Lyrics - Audio Push
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Here is Wassup Lyrics by Audio Push @

one time i pull up drop top with a bad wo’ you mad bro
‘cause a nigga get mad dough
how you rap bro nigga i could do it fast slow
free math though i’ma leave you off on that note
well uh, never tell me i’m neva gonna get it
when i go and spin it everybody the you thought was on lay ‘em off and i leave ‘em off in a coffin
niggas all in a knot won’t stop till they call they cops
cause we bomb wreck the spot it’s bros was happnin
all these other young lil niggas is done rappin
whats after the best young rappers us in cash we trust
we got it in our backs so rush we leave
come come around and we past fast
gettin fast cash niggas mad cause we blast tracks
all that chit chat talkin fast get you glad wrapped
boy im the bomb i aint never been a baghdad
got a lil spanish wo dat like to act black
oh dats yo girl well i thrash that
she used to tune it up and i would tap tap
bend her over then i leave her wit a crack back
then it go dun du dun dun super hero music nigga
i do that said you could neva do it nigga
incredible lovers of edible slaps
im a beast and i leave stand and be-head until everybody clap clap clap …. wassup

lemme show you whats the deal nigga
how you feel nigga
gotta show these other lil dudes who the real niggas b-oh-dub
capy tones always in the fields nigga
i’ll take any two dudes even you lil niggas
b-oh-dub is what i rep fool
you my nephew, and you my son baby test tube
i wreck you fuke you and ref you but for refuge
when you gona gets the best two
hold on him?
hes like a fish in a pond wit no fin
he likes a fish in a pond that cant swim
you really don’t stand a chance cant win
you prolly gota gay friend in the state pen
you need more people i dont see enough
if you beef wit us gaurentee we gona need a bus
because b-oh-dub and the clique we a team of rough niggas
im so good at rappin i do it and beef it up follow me
these two jerk niggas can rap? that hi-lyrical
shut up nigga gon and get up off my genitals
i aint really worried about cause rappins more than a hobby
and you niggas know that i dont get enough
its a shame that you niggas dont got no life
getcha flo right i could go for the whole night
all i see is green like im lookin at a go light
cant with that birdies and i already killed youre whole hype
clap clap …. wassup

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Audio Push - Wassup

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