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DMX - That’s My Baby Lyrics and Video (Ft. Tyrese)

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'That’s My Baby' Lyrics - DMX (Ft. Tyrese)
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Here is That’s My Baby Lyrics by DMX Ft. Tyrese @

It’s like a walk in the park
she even f*ck with a nigga in the dark
she been f*ckin with a nigga from the start
’cause she f*ck with a nigga from the heart
man, don’t get no realer
see her f*ckin with another nigga
I’ll kill her
that’s how much I feel her
it’s like I’m the fiend, and she’s the dealer
but that’s my baby
she’s the only one that make me crazy
ain’t no maybes, never act strady
and at the end of the day still my lady

Say what you want, that’s my baby
Only one that drives me crazy
end of the day she’s still my lady
She got my back, I got hers
She got my back, I got hers
She got my back, I got hers
She got my back, I got hers

Hey, something speacial about her
and it ain’t even the p**sy
I just can’t leave without her
independent chick
yeah, she work strong and if I do wrong
yeah, she hurt
we all got feelings
what we feelin so real
it’s straight to the ceiling
after the long day of robbing and stealing
I need to come home for some sexual healing
yeah, that’s my baby
only she understand what I’ve been through
she got my heart, better do what I do
I love you baby, I love you too
sexual healing


Man I’m with the soul eater
since 14 I was fool with her
I see her bent over
I shoot boo with her
bitch was so bad didn’t know what to do with
in the hood she was that chick
and I was that nigga who wet that bitch
and if it went and lost my life
I’d die knowing she was my wife
I’ll rest in peace


you know
it’s something speacial about her
i got your back baby
you know
’cause I know you got my back baby
I can’t even live without her
Through thick and thin
till death tears us apart
it’s gonna hurt you
those were the words that came from my heart
we gonna make it work
that’s my baby, drives me crazy
that’s my baby
still my lady
she got my back
I got hers
she got my back you know what I’m sayin
I got hers
it’s like she ain’t wanna become a bitch
to only come around to see him packing
I got hers
through thick and thin
bigger than words

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DMX - That’s My Baby

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