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DMX - Last Hope Lyrics and Video (Ft. Andreena Mills)

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'Last Hope' Lyrics - DMX (Ft. Andreena Mills)
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Here is Last Hope Lyrics by DMX Ft. Andreena Mills @

[Intro: DMX]
They do it every time man
Every time
Every time they do it to me

[Hook Adreena Mills & DMX]
I gotta make it out and move quickly
Can’t allow the past to restrict me
Bet this time around they won’t skip me
I am the last hope, (The Champ!)
Won’t hesitate not even for a second
The hustle has become an obsession
I’m on the frontlines with my weapon
I am the last hope

[Verse 1: DMX]
Damn, I went through it again
After telling everybody I wouldn’t do it again
I kinda feel like I let my people down (yup)
But to get them right, I got’s to pick myself up (come on)
When I heard this beat and hook, it was so raw (uhh)
Looked in the mirror, didn’t like what I saw, (uhh)
All I could say was: ahh man shit gotta change (forreal!)
Either get it right or take one to the brain (blam!)
But y’all know the pain that I went through daily, (woooh)
Tryna stay sane through the rain, y’all hear me
I’m slippin’, fallin’, can’t get up
But this time I’m outta control, I don’t give a fuck!
For the thugs!, I’m the last hope for the team (come on!)
I’m the reason why some niggas, gotta hope and a dream (come on!)
These cats know what’s good, I am the hood (Aii)
I ain’t hoping that they don’t, I wish a nigga would (come on!)


[Verse 2: DMX]
I gotts to do it for me, or do it for them, (yeah)
I ain’t playing with this shit, Im’ma do it to win
Know I can do it again, (come on) cause I did it before
With little to no effort, and y’all niggas knew the score (for real)
First album dropped in may, second in december
Over platinum in one year like, y’all don’t remember, (come on)
Only nigga who’s first 5 albums debuted at number 1
And you wonder why I call you son (my son)
I just begun, to get started, with the hardest part of it all
Is to climb a slippery wall and, still don’t fall
Break down and call up to God, when it gets to hard
I know you ain’t gonn’ let me go now!!(please) You brought me too far
Showed me I was as a star, all my life
I know it, all it right, before I, call it a night
I’mma thank you for it all, the blessings and the curses
And I hope you listening, there’s a lesson in the verses


[Outro: DMX]
Does it bother me?
Yeah off course it bothers me
Cause it’s not who I am, I’m not you know, the person the media portrays me to be, ya mean?

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DMX - Last Hope

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