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GunPlay - Ross Speaks Lyrics and Video



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'Ross Speaks' Lyrics - GunPlay
Here is Ross Speaks Lyrics by GunPlay

We already building, it's just whenever he was ready to make the decision to say you know imma leave these streets alone a lil more for a enough time to focus on my music. You know what I'm saying, gunplay a different kinda of artist, he a different kinda dude. He don't care about awards, he don't care about whoever, he not in it to that. Ypu know what I'm saying but he just making his mind up that relly getting ready to put out him a solo album. So you can expect a big announcement real soon, you know what I'm saying and we gon' make it. I wanna see the hommie dreams come through too you know what I'm saying.

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GunPlay - Ross Speaks

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