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G-Eazy - Last Night Lyrics and Video (Ft. Devon & KYLOE)

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'Last Night' Lyrics - G-Eazy Ft. Devon & KYLOE
Here is Last Night Lyrics by G-Eazy Ft. Devon & KYLOE

Fruit sacks and cuffs and patrol
Party's all busting with hoes
Me and my bros on a mission
Leave with your riches
Your bitches ain't leave in their clothes
Yeah, I know, probably gave it to a charity or something

Every god'na days wanna marry me or smth
hate that shit, all I needed was a pick
But your ass always starring at me like a narrator or smth
Better bring your tits, bitch, or I ain't even know you
Boyfriend's here, I ain't even noticed that
When I tie a girl down, I ain't even roll with 'em
You roll your glass heavy while I sit on them smugging 'em
Girl, it's me and Jill, tell all the lame niggaz how we go
Going dumb, 'till I'm numb, couldn't even tell you how it feels
Try to run a rat when you're drunk as a skeleton
Bottles and bars and they both probably killed me
Tryna talk to these bitches is hard 'cause I feel like Bumar from Giggady Hill
Girls do wanna come, wanna stay
Check this thing, we smash them, snakes on a plane
It's really fucking hard and I wasn't try to bother, ah
Fuck it


I don't know why
I was so high
Will you come to marry me?
My heart is all wild
Doing what the fuck I feel like
Will someone tell me is this real life?

Last night was a movie
I swear last night was a movie

Last night was cinematic
I'm a women addict,
It's been established
She pull my shirt
And ripped the fabric
Woke up shirtless in a jacket
While I split for cabbage
I'm living life,
You're living average
This isn't new, I've been a savage
Rolled every swisha that's in the package
I'm just young and blessed
Pass that trash, I'm unimpressed
Hoes get kicked out
That's sudden death
I'm at home
When I probably could have had a hundred asses
Now I'm Gonzo, crossfaded
Took another shot, should have waited
When tomorrow comes, I'mma hit it
Until then I'mma make it
My mind is so gone
Feeling amorph, tryna get in the zone
Fuck it, I'm off, I'm all good at home
To call in a girl who I knew I could bone


Last night was a movie
I swear last night was a movie

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G-Eazy Ft. Devon & KYLOE - Last Night

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