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Peter Cottontale - Suitcase (Remix) Lyrics and Video (Ft. Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper)

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'Suitcase (Remix)' Lyrics - Peter Cottontale Ft. Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper
Here is Suitcase (Remix) Lyrics by Peter Cottontale Ft. Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper

I’ll be on this, my new place it’s in a duplex
More in the East
I’ll be gone tripping
Kiss the kids and kick the dog
Thanks to dinner, thank to posing
Wash the dishes, wait for dinner
When the boys make sure you miss the ball
You don’t forget to call me to come back
Probably bet on that
I was too young, he was young too but I was young too
What you want me to say
I’m a beat all that
On the six three hapl
If my fault, is that how she get by
When it’s enough to take by
Is my faul
I ball a new suitcase, I’ll be gone tripping
Only breafly
Probably wrong decision
But I can do it later if you got game
R now you tripping
Got his own case he’s deep in
Run like a pop to you
Our state feel great but it’s good to be home
Looking at the ..at the window
Sometimes I was the ..staying in life and ...
Take it for granny
..won’t take with the planet
To the planet is spinning all from the crush
You better learn the penny
Someother feel like it’s all ...from all go down
Am I see that he retire and keep me wide up to that place
..and the clouds miss ...
But they scut me up in the ..
Blow me in the wind over the mountain
With all my accont here w
What if they only found my suitcase
It will beon the lose care ...
Io’mma fly to the UK
Crush to the ..and both woke up to a diference
With a bitch in my mouth and sent it aways
No choose on ém
Where am I
If you just gonna away no more, no more
Plese come back one more
Flyin on with the suicase
It goes in two days
Then my memories. ..in the suicase take to the UK

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Peter Cottontale Ft. Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper - Suitcase (Remix)

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