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Bobby V - Night And Day Lyrics and Video



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'Night And Day' Lyrics - Bobby V
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Here is Night And Day Lyrics by Bobby V @

I live in the fast lane
do you like to take it slow
I move all around girl
it’s all about my life you don’t know
I can show what is like that I’ll be lying since we not
make it work, make it work,
we’re livin to different worlds yeah

get it right night and the day ridin..
and it hurts to say
don’t wanna be rude, don’t wanna hurt your feelings
don’t wanna start something I can’t finish
you will never work out
we’re livin in two different worlds
you can never work out
thinking bout the..makes it worse
you will never work out
try it all the night
you will never never work out
you will never never work out girl

I love to be old man but you deserve much more
I could never put the time in
..somebody else could give you more
and I could and I would I want to I love to
that would be wrong a lot to be..
no that we love

never never work out


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Bobby V - Night And Day

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