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Nipsey Hussle - Bulgari Shades Lyrics and Video



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'Bulgari Shades' Lyrics - Nipsey Hussle
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Here is Bulgari Shades Lyrics by Nipsey Hussle @

Look, I’m like uh girl what’s your name?
I got this cash, I know a place
That we can go and trick off on someone… Bulgari Shades
I’ve been going hard so long without taking no breaks
Feels so right, I booked two flights, we leave tonight, we get away
It’s not about the chase, cause for your pussy I won’t pay
But I’m inspired and I’ll be fresh about something beautiful we bring
We both have… it’s right to love again
Cause let go of your pride, you’ll find a lesson in your pain!
Put your gold down, girl, put your gold down!
And that’s when, and that’s when the…

You got to, you know?
But you can’t go mad if you’ll never feel that feeling again!
And uh, look!
That’s Harris in London…

That made her smile but she said boy, don’t leave…
I got two jobs, I go to school, I got responsibilities
But I kinda like that type of flashing that you send
So if you get me on my number, I’ll might call you up one day!
And by the way, I know that game be played
with all your money and your fame
But to me it don’t mean a thing!
So, just take a seat, don’t introduce me to the…
Cause what good is good, if it’s no answer underneath!
And that kinda fucked me up, it did!
That’s true!
..put my gun out, took my head off!
It took two shots, nigger…
And bring some of that pineapple juice!

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Nipsey Hussle - Bulgari Shades

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