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Chingy - Jackpot Back Lyrics and Video



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'Jackpot Back' Lyrics - Chingy
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Here is Jackpot Back Lyrics by Chingy @

..a Nigger Don't Wanna See This Shit
And I Know You Nigger Don't Wanna See Nigger Shit
Cause I ... Out Of Control
Full Day!

Heard You Niggers Swagger That
Bitch I Got My Swagger Bag
Hundred Per Cent, Real Partner And You Not ...
... Read Number One
Six Zeroes After That, A Million
Masters In Making Money Now ... Master That!
These Haters Need Some Guidance ...
So I Could... You Busters No Chapters After That ...
Try To...
Leave You Block To Test
Clips I Shoot, But Get No After That
Roger That, They Ask Rapping...
On A Play, Master Turn Your Guts Into Some...
..I'm Ill, You'll Think.. Is Back
Mother Fuckers Hating On This Blog...
..in My Neighborhood
What A... Niggers Want My Mojo
Cause They Know Austin Power's Back.
Making Rain In The Club, Bitch...
Fuck A Bitch, Fuck Another Bitch And Take A...
Cooking Up, A Lot Of...
..play Pussy, Watch These... Penetrate
We're On In A Building, Man We're Renovating
Kill Your Body ... Process Of Elimination
Real Recognize, Real... Imitation
Foreign.. Foreign Bitch, Call Emigrations!
...with This Hater, So There's No Limitations
Either You're... Or You're Ain't Down With This Demonstration
Know The Bloggers Don't Hurt It Since Ain't Steel
...you Know A Nigger...
Hate To See Blows, I Got No...
What The Man Above Had To Deal Me...

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Chingy - Jackpot Back

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