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Astro - I Don’t Know Lyrics and Video



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'I Don’t Know' Lyrics - Astro
Here is I Don’t Know Lyrics by Astro

Anything you can do I can do weller
Boss like a gentle, white purses, white leathers
Lot of them popping but none of them better
Appropriate flight, you can try the propellers
Never face suckers 'cause none of them hard at this
Same ones be talking the same ones departed
When I came in marching
Stomping the comp, I'm just playing my party
I be from B.K., og, ask DjBooth about me
From street to block, I rock the microphone hard
Y'all don't believe, check my discography
Clearly shows I scarred to be
Filling, bassing your arteries, pardon me
They'll be having niggaz finishing before they ever start
Yeah, they always talk, but I never get offended
Listen to them 'bout the business, I'm already in it
I'm winning, I'mma take the most in a minute
Whatever, even better, what you saying at the tele
Etc. etc. it don't matter if my wallet getting fatter
Hit you with the basic flows and watch y'all go bonkers
Choke a lot like Willie Wonkers,
Go ticket, hell, West Side medium still an excel
You can learn a lot looking at what I do
But you won't be blessed with the way I do
Tracks, back to back and slit like a match
They wonder how I'm so ill
Me have the permit for burying, the license to kill
No ninja man, you suckers looking like a fended bender,
It's the God, ain't no God in them,
No one pardoning them, eat good, ...
Starving them, play soft with your boss, carving them
Don't spit, excite what they, carving them
Sticks in the garter, they want me to slip
They better be patient, 'cause I'm on my shit

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Astro - I Don’t Know

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