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Shawty Lo - Paper Boi Lyrics and Video



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'Paper Boi ' Lyrics - Shawty Lo
Here is Paper Boi Lyrics by Shawty Lo


You say you want a paper boy
I bet you fronting, I bet you
It ain't no middle man
I get this money, get this money
And who can get this money?
We can get this money
Can't fuck with a paper boy!

The streets feeling this
Ain't trip foul with an old street
Can't tell them how the shit go
Show them through the back door
PExclusive, city is worth of class
Later Jonas said no, the city...grab him!
Remember paying bingo?
I never thought it being ... hello
Pop up in the club with a hundred D
D for Hell, nigga, MC
I'm the king, nigga, I ain't no redneck


Unfortunate, unfortunate,
Bad bitch Ray had no mad man
No clinic, but I got my check up
You been sleeping on it,
Man, you need to wake up!
On the streets, my name Bad Nigga
Snitch ass niggers from the start better flee
They want me locked up like Bruce
But fuck that shit, free booze
Used to be a young nigger, they call me ah
They sitting on the streets, they smelling like a skunk
Shiz that bitch, bad tittie, what you want?
Damn, that gun, I did her with the four


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Shawty Lo - Paper Boi

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