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Mike Posner - My Light Lyrics and Video



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'My Light' Lyrics - Mike Posner
Here is My Light Lyrics by Mike Posner

All I wanted was a record deal
A couple of dollars when I got it
Couldn't understand why I had all of my problems
All alone, couldn't find no help
And the stage ain't a good place to find yourself
So I started lifting weights
Hoping that when I got bigger all my confidence
Would be too. Didn't work, go figure!
Big chest, hole in my heart
I even bought a chain and I used to glow in the dark
But it didn't work though, interrupt my work flow
Let them haters talk shit
And I took it personal
But today I feel like someone ...
I know it's coming now, so it's cool


This beautiful layer
To what's underneath
What makes the real me
I want you to see
It's not any ...
My pain, my struggle
My story, my heart
My spirit, my job,
My fight, my flaws
My enemies, my God
My life, my heart
My light, light
Light, light, lalalalala

What is meant to be will be
All the rest will see
Had a dream up new dreams,
'Cause I'm living on my dream
This is it, it was a new beginning
I followed my heart so now I'm wining
Like I'm supposed to
Like I'm made for
Sean told me
We still the same, bro
All I know is God made me good at write songs
Chase the wrong shit all your life
But it didn't work though, interrupt my work flow
I was on the wrong path
Spin around in circles
But today I feel like someone answer my prayers
It's coming now so it's cool


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Mike Posner - My Light

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