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Azad Right - Bad Energy Lyrics and Video



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'Bad Energy' Lyrics - Azad Right
Here is Bad Energy Lyrics by Azad Right

Tell me, what's the reason that we suffer?
Why work hard if it's all gonna end?
Spend our whole life tryna stack a bunch of numbers
Isn't it ironic that it's all about the ads?
Not for me, I'm gonna leave behind a legacy
Never gonna let it, never man gonna step through me
Enjoy this Earth with the people that I love and I trust
'Cause those are the ones that are best for me
Spend my time tryna reduce the crime rate
Help people travel to a more positive mind state
Might as well try to smile while we here
Might as well get wild while we here
Man, it's no coincidence my grandmother is still
The happiest person I ever know, damn
She's 80 years old with a heart full of gold
And she doesn't have a problem, let it go


Bad energy
Bad energy
Bad energy
So fuck the bad energy

I promised you that I would not neglect
As long as I'm alive I have respect. True!
When I take full advantage of my health
'Cause I told myself that I'm gonna die with no regrets
Yeah, that's why when you see me I'm in a good mood
Surround myself with good vibes, like have a good crew
I take pride in having morals and a positive aura
But in the same time, i know I'm not a mortal
You best believe I got a plan before I leave here
I write my chapter in history, let me be clear
Anything short of great will be a disappointment
That's my only option, I ain't got no different choices
And by great, I mean I really wanna inspire people
Chasing dreams, follow your heart and don't lie to people
'Cause in the end, we all going to the same place
And one day you gon'have to see that same face again


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Azad Right - Bad Energy

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