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Common - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Pt. 2 Lyrics and Video



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'Cosmic Kev Freestyle Pt. 2' Lyrics - Common
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Here is Cosmic Kev Freestyle Pt. 2 Lyrics by Common @

This is bars, for the stars, …doing it
Just for arts, doing for the gods
That’s what I’m saying
No delaying, when it come to this emcee
I don’t be playing, … games
You know the name, come on do the show
With the flow…
I came from the go, rocking on the come up show
I’ve been doing this with the ill type flow for a long time
Common’s got skills
Yo, I’m a boss like that brother…’s a better yet boss
…when I come down…what it do
Common’s coming through, checking 1,2,
That’s the whole view
I got an interview with my brother named Cosmic yo
I came to rock it, rock it, you can’t stop it
Stop the profit
When it comes, it goes down for the sound
… I came to your town
Shouts out in the building for the children
I’ma keep feeling in, I’ma keep sining the realer
I’m able and willing, see my cable be still in, stolen
Concepts, my rhymes is golden
Holding, microphones, I sometimes freestyle
Sometimes a writer…
I like the zone when I come through to fill this
… anybody down saying I can keep rushing
… go to your whole type of banner
… I go to the ghetto, like the jury town
…What it do, ain’t no pressure
when it comes down, common sense yo i stress up
Different type of flow, check it out, go get your dress up
let them up, set them up, … i be that rock yeh
…Since I was a kid, shouts out to philly
… right off the top, this is real hip hop
So I always get …like a movie set
I like that booty wet real large… I come down for those
Who knew about the flows, used to come up shows…

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Common - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Pt. 2

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