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James Fauntleroy - Go Alone Lyrics and Video



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'Go Alone' Lyrics - James Fauntleroy
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Here is Go Alone Lyrics by James Fauntleroy @

Don’t wanna go alone
Go alone
Don’t wanna go alone
don’t let me go alone
Don’t worry about my plans
I don’t need them
I just time to fall
.. and catch the view
The view is all I need
In my nights 63
First thing let’s get on the street
Don’t nee d a map just got to believe
That we can get there .. just broken hearts
Can’t stop by the corner
On the road to a heart break
Don’t … promise
You came so bad
.. go go go top down windows
.. like we can fly
On the road to ..
Don’t wanan go alone
Don’t let me go alone
Don’t worry about my stash
I don’t need cash
I just need for you to understand
That is the only cash
We will make it you see
Where the sun .. girl is where it supposed to be
Don’t need a map just got to believe

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James Fauntleroy - Go Alone

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