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Slim Dunkin - Koo Koo Lyrics and Video (Ft. Skooly)

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'Koo Koo' Lyrics - Slim Dunkin (Ft. Skooly)
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Here is Koo Koo Lyrics by Slim Dunkin Ft. Skooly @

Girl yeah yeah

Can they know we go crazy
And they know who got problems
And they know we go crazy
They know who got problem

They know who no problem
But if they wanna..go crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy
And if the bitches try to hola
I’ma ..to my problem they go crazy, crazy, crazy
Koo koo, koo koo, koo koo
I’m ball like
Koo koo, koo koo, koo koo

Go ahead like fu fu tryin out like koo koo
I got money by the ..still bucksin all on you two
You ..you my no no
And she do nothing like..
I go crazy, i go loco..
..keep the dough i smoke nigga
And i’m making the ..now..for now
..now hurt..caught up in the dash
..pocket go like dash
Don’t get cold like..


..they strip what we strip..
And i can’t but don’t mind me
Please don’t mind
My ..go like 500,,..with the heat
Yes..fall the creep and it’s risky
But don’t that mean
Switchin looking all so..
Round the .for certain my nigga is going home


They know we go crazy, they know we go crazy
Koo koo, koo koo, koo koo
Dope dope dope

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Slim Dunkin - Koo Koo

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