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Meek Mill - Stay Schemin (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Stay Schemin (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Meek Mill
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Here is Stay Schemin (Freestyle) Lyrics by Meek Mill @

I say, one life to live
I’ma ball till I’ma f*cking fall
Like September gone hella hard
…remember when I was selling raw
But since they run they mouth… they can tell them broads
How I came through, Panamera flame blue
Everybody bust down, and on with the same crew
Had my homies selling dope, we ain’t got the same view
But we got the same goals, I use to work at …
I used to sell them saying… touch a hundred mill
24 with a ghost, I swear my life is hella real
Took them babies out the hood, put my mama upon the hill
Got the weight up off my shoulders, tell them that it’s time to kill
All the sudden all these older suckers mad
Cause I’m on the 24 and buying sh*t they wish they had
Is it my bad or is it my fault
… when I did that…forget that part, and it sounds so cold
Where grown men cry and old men die
But I ain’t fall, … my time… but I’m gonna live
Like …we in that…and we we did, we fly g5

I used to want a million in the …
But now I got it, I treat it as my last…
Got another one, hotter than the double sun
Real homies love me cause they feel just where I’m coming from
Old heads be balling, I ain’t talking running gun
Used the chase the paper, now the money I be running from
Ah, eryday I wake up I just pray to god
That I get my cake up and I stay alive
Pacman, pacman, run because the ghost is out
Rosses bought a new crib… look like Oprah house
I just bought a new crib… older house
Last of a dying breed, there’s nothing that I told about
Y’all get exported when them bricks get imported
This ain’t important, them informers being informed
…I ride for my … dawg
And I slide for my ….dawg

I say, money in the building, erybody spending
30 racks on me my pockets sound winning
Louis Vuitton sneakers different colors…
Keep a bad bitch I don’t know that she around cause I wear them out
Take them back, she know I ain’t … make it stack
… take this back, I get so comfy in that…
I’m like… please
Shout out…jeweler, make my wrist freeze
… hit you with the whole clip, you get on some bullsh
I’ma blow this paper like it’s 2012
If getting money was a sin, I guess I’m going to hell
If stunting on them was a crime, I guess I’m going to hell
And they gonna have to give me life cause I be doing it well
I’m getting money on a regular, we don’t smoke no regular…

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Meek Mill - Stay Schemin (Freestyle)

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