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Yelawolf - I Do (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'I Do (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Yelawolf
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Here is I Do (Freestyle) Lyrics by Yelawolf @

I do i do i do
Rip shit i do i do

First of all make kings .. the gesture in my Kingdome
.. instead dropping the ball .. took everybody to ethic school
If you are gonna fight then fight .. fuck is worthless
If it don’t mean nothing for you
Funky I am so funky that I use my funky to stretch
. cause when I pull the trigger on a piece of paper
.. go go why she is telling me to .. I am not a hooker
I got some .. control I hope that you know
We are gonna shape this mother fucker .. I am working .. mama is ok
.. stay beautiful souls .. see my as a hero
No ego .. for the people .. here we go .. for the people come inside take a seat folks

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Yelawolf - I Do (Freestyle)

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